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ADM Prayer

Breathe in Han Sa

Speak in Hu

Brahma throws the light on lotus

We are born anew

The rhythm of the universe are clouds

The white against the blue

Eternity’s in love with time

And we’re in love with you



Your Soul is the Day

Your body the Night

Dancing darkness with the Light

The Sun is a Doorway

The Moon a window

We create in the Corners breathing slow


Everything is sacred

Everything is sacred

Everything is special

I traveled to the pyramids

I found them in my heart

A subtle change of feeling

Brings me back to the start

No need to feel bad

For time is well spent


Fight for your Soul

Fight for your Soul

Go deep 

Beyond you

Beyond now

There are many you’s

Many now’s

Allow them to fight

For a balance

See their struggle

Who are you..?

What is life..?



Start again

Create a pretend world of peace

Create a pretend world of peace,

And, slowly,

Fill it

With, pieces,

Of reality


A Wish

I know enough 

To know nothing

I have enough power 

to not need any

I have enough direction 

to get lost

I have enough strength 

to be broken,

But I can never

have too much love,

The only thing I could truly hate 

Would be the inability to love

For You (Song lyrics)

All of my thoughts and all of my loving for you

All of my hopes and all of my fears come true

All these moments and all of these songs for you

All of these words and all of these actions come true


Souls flying high, 

Up in the sky 

Leaving their bodies for you

The sun it shines 

Inside myself 

We’re part of everything

Falling back to…


All of my dreams that pour from my heart are from you

Come and love all mistakes are still true

Teach me, hold me spirits old and new 

Follow your fears, the light will always shine through


Breathe into view

Uncover the moon

Kiss me into you

Robes of Gold, 

Hope in Spring 

Love and Dharma come true

Being a mirror for…


Non existence, consciousness from you

Flexible time, stubborn minds come true

Mountain tops and valley drops are with you

Peace in the mind into the mirror comes true


You’re not fine

There’s more to climb

The work is all in you

The camel and the mouse

Get on my back


Im made to take hundreds like you

Getting closer to…


Love in abundance stronger than me and you

Copper loves copper until it melds into gold

The pain and the struggle lead us back into you

Breathing deep our mystical life is in view

My Cuban Sun

What do they feel that I don't? 

What do they see that I don't? 

We are both trapped in different castles, 

but lost in the same darkness. 

When we wake up 

we will have different perceptions of where we came from 

and distractions in the present, 

But we will both know that there is a front door 

and the same freedom in the same garden 

that is given by the ultimate sacrificial presence. 

Not a human, 

because humans need to create 

they can never just be, 

but by the ultimate savior,

The Sun


So many little trumps everywhere in all of us,

If we really look. 

So many of us impulsive, 

I see such justified anger.

Clear definitions of what those justifications are.

So much inability to communicate because we are in a perceived time of war.

So much profound racism and discrimination, such eagerness to put whole groups or those we identify with solely on our backs to become self-appointed spokespeople for. 

Lets give ourselves all more credit and expect much more from everyone. We are evolving and must force ourselves to keep up with ourselves!  

We are not ignorant to the fact that we remain ignorant to the fact that we ARE NOT IGNORANT. 

When, what, how do we give up on ourselves and go with the lowest, easiest, downhill flowing, short term blissful energy of anxiety and negativity? 

We are wholly trained but give in to the notions we are untrained.

Quick to point a finger.

How lucky are we to see such blatant honesty of humanity if we know how to look and acknowledge it.


The realization of ones freedom 

The realization of ones freedom 

To choose all that affects him

Does it affect ones choices necessarily?

The bad decisions?

Am I afraid of my freedom?

Fear of failure is strong in me

I’m also particular about how I want success

That mixed with lack of focus and un-groundedness

Is good energy for transformation 

And utilization for positive use 

Self analysis and study.



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