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Plant Medicine Credo

1. Stay focused and grounded as you continue to grow and be guided.


2. Master teacher plants demand respect, understanding and a constant effort of betterment, growth, reflection and flexibility.


3. When working with teachers, leaders, scientists, shamans, guides and various powerful energy’s acting with ones own highest integrity at all times is the key.


4. When we receive insights, downloads, intuitive energy’s, perspectives etc. We will ground these energy’s as we decide to share what is necessary, helpful, constructive and as impartial and objective as possible.


5. We are to be as best a representative for the culture, tradition, diet, and way of life from which these plants come from. This will grow as we grow on this sacred path, but we will make a conscious effort to live at all times with the highest respect to ourselves, and all things around us. We will continue to heal ourselves and find better alignment with all, as we share tools for others to do the same.


6. We will work as a unified team of individuals, all with specific abilities and powers but with a unified goal and mission. We better each other, lifting and helping each other for the betterment of the whole.


7. We ALL create our reality, and as a team we are independently creating a unified, powerful, energetic movement TOGETHER.



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