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Sustainably & Traditionally Sourced


Our goal is to allow access for deep spiritual integration and connection for people between "ceremony". Whatever your ceremony is...

  • To honor your vessel, consciousness and soul as a sacred energetic manifestation always in some form of ceremony.

  • To empower you, not to take away from the word or any one tradition of ceremony.

  • To honor and empower the practice that has been set forth by so many master teachers before us.

  • To emphasize the divine teachers in all of us and the importance and awareness of awakening to our own personal power.

  • To let go more of the frequency of fear and guilt and to increase the frequency of love and compassion. 


Using these ideas and this medium of technology, we are here to develop a real and meaningful connection to each and every one of you and to develop the idea of "ceremony" and "integration" in a new form.


These teacher plants are meant to be treated as powerful, energetic tools. They are responsive to your energy and that around them. They are far more intelligent than we are and far more compassionate. 


  • Continual communication with our own plant teachers and allies.

  • Awareness and updates of historical and current trends in regards to how plants are grown, cultivated, prepared and shared, including seasonal and regional varieties.

  • Connection to the region, the people of the land, their tradition and culture of plant medicine.

  • A continual practice in our daily lives.

  • A way to bring forth whatever our own path may be, including various traditions of meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, physical, emotional, mental, energetic and vibrational healing.



The Sacred Mother of the Amazon Jungle demands respect, integrity, patience, compassion and understanding. She will give this in return. This demand is not just to her but to yourself and all things. The more you give the  more she will give, the more you open and listen the more she will. She is far older and wiser than we can imagine. Share in the love with this sacred sacramental tool for integration into the ceremony of your divine path.

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