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Atom has a powerful, intuitive healing touch. He specializes in deep tissue and energetic body work. He often incorporates plant extracts, aromatherapy, smoke clearing, lazer and electro magnetic frequency tools. He understands that the there is a “right” therapy and combination for each individual to unlock ones blockages.

Holistic Therapuetic Deep Tissue

Working with the body to help it unlock and unwind tension back to a state of alignment and natural healing. Acupressure, stretching and Swedish techniques. 

$1/min + $25 for travel (50 min minimum for travel)

Energy clearing/light touch

Utilizing other tools for more sensitive healing, emotional release, includes: energy clearing, aroma therapy, sound healing, can include talk therapy.

$1/min + $25 for travel (50 min minimum for travel)

Electro Magnetic/Lazer light therapy

The Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency Stimulator is a powerful tool for healing, and regeneration. Inquire for more info, links and amazing success story's

Lazer light therapy is another powerful tool that works on various levels of healing. It can be used on specific chakras as well as acupuncture stimulation points.

$2/min + $20 for travel (30 min minimum for travel)

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